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Spring Term 1 News 2033-2023

Week commencing 13th February 2023

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear Families,

It’s been a half term full of opportunity across the two schools and we have been delighted with the way the children have responded to their learning.

Finishing the week off in style with discos at the Junior school and a Break The Rules Day, and having a Wear What You Love Day and Movie Night at the Infant school, are very well earned treats for the children for their commitment and hard work.

A big thank you to all the staff, volunteers, PTA members and our local community for working together during a long half term to support everyone getting the most out of their experiences. It means a great deal to be working alongside such fantastic people.

Thank you to the parents of Infant and Nursery pupils for attending the Learn Review Meetings – it was great to hear such positive feedback and the staff are delighted with how your children are progressing. We look forward to welcoming Junior school parents and pupils after half term.

We have a lot planned for next half term – trips, visitors and residentials, so plenty to look forward to.

For now, I hope everyone takes a well deserved break, enjoys the half term an come back ready and raring to go again.

Best wishes,

-Mr Andrews



This week in assembly, we have given out lots of certificates for house points. We are very proud of the children and their work to achieve these.

On Monday the children watched a video clip about Ash Wednesday and Lent, which is next week. We also did our last Roots and Fruits assembly linked to Courage. Some of our children acted out the story of Xerxes, King of Persia, Queen Esther, Mordecai and Haman.


Year 3

This has been another exciting week and a great way to finish this half-way half term. Discos and Breaking Rules day bring us to an excellent end to the half term, in which children have been working very hard.  

In English the children have been learning reciprocal reading skills such as summarising and predicting. We had a fun activity predicting the ideas in our new book Stone Girl, Bone Girl with a gallery of objects inspiring children to create questions and predictions about the story. In Maths they have learned a lot about adding and subtracting and comparing lengths. There is no Maths homework for half term, but we do encourage children to keep on learning their times table facts, so they are very familiar with them and keep up their reading. 

The new History unit on the Stone Age to Iron Age is well underway and children are becoming more aware of this period of pre-history. We are planning a trip to Flag Fen, which we will give you details about in due course. As you will know, there will be a chance to meet with you at Learner Review meetings after the half term break.  

On Thursday 2nd March 2023 we will be celebrating World Book Day. We will be asking the children to dress up as one of their favourite book characters, but would also like them to bring in the book that the character comes from. 

We welcome a new class member Ben, and say a goodbye to Fleur and wish her well. Hope it is a very enjoyable and restful time for all families. There is a lot to look forward to! 

-Mrs Hayward, Mrs Coupe and Mrs Buckley.


Year 4

What a busy half term it's been in Year Four!  Right across the curriculum, from learning about Hinduism in RE to Gymnastics in PE, from mapping in Geography to Electricity in Science, the children have impressed us with their enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, as well as their kindness and thoughtfulness towards each other. Here are some of the highlights:

Our English writing this week has been focused on a letter to apologise, from Hogarth to the Iron Man - the children have been creative with their ideas and pleas for forgiveness. In Maths we have completed a unit about perimeter of shapes, and will be moving on to fractions after half term, so please keep practising times tables over the holidays, as this will really help you with maths at school.  

We've also been busy preparing for our residential trip to York next month, planning and answering the children's many questions! Thank you to those who joined us for the meeting on Tuesday - you should all be receiving a copy of the slides, a packing list and a consent form - please return this by email or on paper by the first day back after half term (Monday 27th). Linked to this trip, we are starting our Vikings history topic - one which the children are already engaging in with enthusiasm.

Finally, 4K have completed their brass lessons, making much progress in a short time.  Many thanks to Mr Stoneman for teaching them not just how to play their instrument, but also developing their skills of rhythm and reading notation - we hope that if they don't already, it may have encouraged them to continue to learn to play an instrument.  4A will now be starting brass on a Wednesday morning, and once they're ready we are sure you will be delighted to know that they will have the opportunity to bring their instrument home to practise! - further details to follow about this.

Thank you for your support so far this term - we wish you all a relaxing half term break and look forward to seeing you at our learner reviews on Tuesday 28th February and Thursday 2nd March - please do make an appointment if you haven't already.

-Mrs Keffler, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Fairbrother and Mrs Gooch

Year 5

This term in Year Five we have had a really enjoyable time studying the Ancient Greeks and linking lots of our learning through this theme. 

The pictures below show the amazing clay masks the children have made inspired by Greek theatre.  See if your child can spot theirs and point it out!

We have written our own non-chronological reports about Ancient Greece, with the children carrying out their own research and being inspired to follow their own interests. They have also written their own myths inspired by Greek gods and goddesses which were very exciting to read!

In Maths we have strengthened our knowledge of fractions and began looking at decimals which the children have tackled with real enthusiasm. 

A great term for Year 5 and we are looking forward to after half term and getting stuck into our next topics!

Enjoy your break Year 5 - you are all working so hard and have earnt it!

-Miss Finch, Miss Oxborough and Mr Rattue



Year 6

Year Six have had a fantastic half term. Mrs Cooper, Mrs McMahon and Mr Coppillie, along with the rest of the Year 6 team, have been thoroughly impressed with the positive attitude all members of the year group have shown towards their learning. It has been wonderful to see them rising to new challenges and embracing new learning.


In English, the children have enjoyed reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and are very much looking forward to finding out more about the island after half term. They have produced some fantastic setting descriptions of the island and have empathised well with Michael’s feelings about being stranded there. In addition, during our geography lessons the children have learnt so much about Brazil and wrote some brilliant pieces showcasing their knowledge. In Maths, the children have deepened their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages and converting units of measure. We were particularly impressed with their work on ratio.

A highlight for many has been our weekly yoga sessions. The children have been praised for their effort and behaviour when undertaking some very challenging positions. It has also been great to see children representing the school so admirably in sporting competitions such as football and cross-country too.

A big thank you to all the pupils for maintaining such high standards and commitment to their leadership roles within school. The infant school children love the games that the play leaders/sports captains deliver and the library has never been tidier! Well done for being such excellent role models to the rest of the school; your hard work does not go unappreciated.

-Mrs McMahon, Mrs Cooper and Mr Coppillie


World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March

We are extremely excited to be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. We want everyone to have a chance to develop their love of reading and share which books they are passionate about. Throughout the day we will be holding a number of exciting activities.

We would like all children and staff to bring in their favourite book and be ready to share this with others - maybe talking about the author, characters or plot - but not giving away the ending!! Children and staff may also choose to dress up as their favourite book character or accessorise with props from the story. Be creative! We love home made costumes. Please do not feel like you have to purchase a special costume.

Teachers will be planning activities for the day, linked to their current class text and adding to their classroom reading displays. Staff will also be offering story telling sessions during break and lunch for children to join in with. Please remember our school website has lots of book suggestions on if you need further inspiration.

Week commencing 6th February

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

Another week has passed and this one has been of great significance.

As part of raising awareness of Children’s Mental Health week, the pupils have spent time discussing health and wellbeing and how to ‘connect’, both with themselves and others. This has included the importance of positive affirmations, seeing one another as being valued, and working in groups to discuss additional ways of staying mentally healthy. The knowledge and maturity that the children have shown has been excellent.

Importantly, we have also discussed the impact of the earthquake in Turkey/Syria, as many children have shared their eagerness to support the aid efforts.

The week after half term will consist of our Learner Review meetings and we are looking forward to welcoming you in to discuss your child’s progress. Please do remember that you can bring your child in too. They form an important part of reflecting on the successes and progress so far and planning next steps in their journey.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.

-Mr Andrews



Yesterday, Mrs. Miller led an assembly linked to the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria.  Mrs Miller also set a kindness challenge for the day.  For every Kindness value sticker that was given out, the adults in the building donated money for this cause. So far, we have raised £50.  Well done to the children for turning their Kindness to each other, into kindness to others. 5K and 6CM were top on the leader board for kindness.


Inclusion and Diversity Club

Recently we (a group of pupils in Year 4) have started our own inclusion and diversity club, which meets on a Monday lunchtime at 1pm in 4K.  We prepare and lead it ourselves, and so far have held sessions on what these words mean, Braille, diabetes and Black Lives Matter, with lots of fun activities. Anyone is welcome to join in - why not come along and give it a try?

-Pippa, Francesca, Stella, Matilda and Esme


Year 3

This has been an exciting week for Year 3 with pizza making activities on Thursday. The pizzas were a great success and the children worked very well in their groups. I hope the pizzas tasted as good as they looked and smelled! Please support the children in completing their evaluation sheet, especially about how the pizzas tasted. Big thanks to the parent helpers who worked with all the children and made this experience possible and really fun. We know from other children in school, that this is an experience that will be remembered for a long time! 

In English the children have been writing a non-chronological report about teeth. In Maths they have started a new unit on length and perimeter which is being enjoyed with good understanding. 

Next week we will begin some new units. English will focus on reading skills and strategies and then we will begin our new text: Stone Girl, Bone Girl – the story of Mary Anning. We will start a History unit on the Stone Age to Iron Age. All the new topics will continue after the half term break. There is a lot to look forward to before we break for half term with a PTA disco on Thursday and Break the Rules day on Friday.  

-Mrs Coupe, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Hayward

Well done

Thank you to Rory in Year 3 who showed his class a PowerPoint about South Africa.  He made it at home and it was very informative.  He also shared it with Mrs. Miller. Well done Rory.


Year 4

This week has been another very busy one, although with it being Children's Mental Health Week, we have taken some time to slow down a little and reflect on how important our mental health is.  As the theme has been 'Connect', we've talked about how to link with people we might not normally play with outside to ensure everyone is included, and how to be effective and supportive talk partners in the classroom.  It's also been Safer Internet Day, so we looked at showing respect to others online, and discussed what we think is an appropriate age to start different online activities.

In English we're learning skills to help us write a letter from Hogarth to the Iron Man next week - so far that has included the present perfect tense for verbs, the use of apostrophes for possession and how to edit our writing to correct and improve - that shows you how high the expectations are for 8-9 year olds in the English curriculum, but the children are persevering to understand and then use these skills.  Maths has been a little more straightforward than the last few weeks, as we've moved on to calculating perimeter of a variety of shapes.

Finally, our Geography has been all about maps, so we're now more knowledgeable about the continents, and key countries and capital cities of the world. Today we're also using Ordnance Survey maps and compass points to learn how to navigate - an important life skill even with Satnav!  Maybe your children could help map read a journey by car or foot over the next few weeks?

Now that Mrs Andrews and Mrs Keffler have visited York, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible to share the details at our Parent Information Evening next Wednesday 15th at 6pm, which the children are welcome to attend too.

Thank you for all your continued support,

-Mrs Keffler, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Fairbrother and Mrs Gooch


Year 5

Year 5 have had an amazing week this week finishing our Science topic and comparing the life cycles of different types of animal. We have also researched Jane Goodall and been really impressed with the work she has done and the legacy she has created as a female scientist. 

In Maths we have started work on fractions and decimals and looking at equivalence between the two and the children have once again astounded us with the knowledge and their perseverance!

Children explored their natural sense of rhythm in dance this week and created movement which linked to different verbs - we are really looking forward to sequencing these into a dance next week. 

Well done for another great week Year 5!

-Miss Finch, Miss Oxborough and Mr Rattue


Year 6

This week Year Six have been finishing off our Geography topic on Brazil, showing their learning through pieces on the living and working conditions of the country, as well as examining the differences between the climates of the London and the Brasilia. In English, we have continued reading our class text of Kensuke's Kingdom, seeing the main character Michael get washed up on a seemingly deserted island. Year 6 are working hard on expanding their vocabulary and have been able to clarify the definitions of unfamiliar words. We have also looked at what makes a piece of writing cohesive and interesting.

In Maths, the children have continued their learning on decimals, including multiplication and division. It's great to see the children understanding the links between this work and their previous units on fractions and rati

We continue to positively notice excellent behaviour and work ethic; we look forward to speaking with many of you face to face in a few week's time when we hold Learner Review Meetings.

Have a nice weekend,

-Mrs McMahon, Mrs Cooper and Mr Coppillie



On Tuesday, eight children from Years 3 and 4 took part in a Speed-stacking competition at Harris Secondary School. The children had a great time trying out this new activity which is great for developing hand-eye coordination and resilience, as well as being fun!
In a short time they all improved their individual performance and as a team, they came third.

Well done to the children who took part. They were a credit to the school and really enjoyed the event.

Cross Country

Wednesday 8th February was the first of three local cross country competitions in 2023 for children in Years 5 and 6. Our team of 12 children  all ran extremely well in a very fast paced race at Hartfield on Lower Hillmorton Road. Congratulations to everyone who took part. I know you gave the event you’re very best!



Week commencing 30th January

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families, 

We’ve made it out of January!  

A big thank you to everyone for accommodating the challenging situation that strikes and partial school closures have caused. We very much understand the difficulties this places on families across the Federation, I am equally grateful to staff who informed me of their decisions early enough so that we were able to put plans in place. Regardless of anyone’s views around strike action generally, I am absolutely confident all decisions made by my staff have the children at the heart of them! 

Looking ahead, we have just two weeks left before the half term. These will hopefully be two weeks of excellent teaching and learning and fantastic pupil engagement. Next week is Children’s Mental Health week and also Safer Internet Day on Wednesday 8th. We hope the children enjoy learning some new skills about keeping well and looking after themselves if/when online. 

Attached to the newsletter this week is the feedback and actions from the end of Autumn parental survey. Lots of positives but also some important areas to work on. Please do take the time to read through and see how we are addressing the areas raised. Thanks again to everyone who responded. 

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend, 

-Mr Andrews 


Year 3

This week Year 3 have been busy preparing designs and getting to know what is involved in setting up a pizza company ready for making their pizzas next Thursday 9th February. Please see the note your child has brought home with the ingredients they want to provide for their group. Please send in the small amount of ingredients in a container to be prepared at school. We provide the pizza base ingredients including the tomato passata. 

In English we have been learning about writing complex sentences with subordinate conjunctions. In Maths we are completing the unit on Multiplication and division.  

Next week will be Mental Health awareness week with some activities to planned explore this topic.  It is also  Safer Internet Day next week, and we  will spend some time learning about how to stay safe in the digital realm!

-Mrs Coupe, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Hayward


Year 4

Once again, Year 4 have impressed us so much with their enthusiasm for learning as well as their kindness and patience with each other.  They have needed to use their resilience skills once more in Maths too, as we've been tackling written division methods.  We used place value grids and part whole diagrams to visualise the grouping and exchanging, but nearly all of us agree that the bus stop method is easier and quicker, so this week's homework is practising that.  

In English the children have written some excellent versions of the start of The Iron Man, full of descriptive vocabulary and well punctuated speech, working hard on their editing skills too, to correct mistakes and up-level their writing.  We've also enjoyed reading about the next part of the book, with the Iron Man being trapped in an underground pit, re-emerging with terrifying results, and about Hogarth's bravery and ingenuity in coming to a solution.

Linked to this, we have designed, created and evaluated our own alarm systems, complete with switches to be activated by the Iron Man - everyone successfully made bulbs light or set off buzzers, and we are proud of the perseverance children showed when initially things didn't work and they had to keep trying new components.  We have now moved onto our first Geography topic of the year, called Mapping the World - we're going to be using atlases to learn about continents, countries and capital cities, as well as how to use a variety of maps - an important life skill despite Satnav!

Finally, with next week being Mental Health Week, we're also looking forward to spending some time thinking about how to help ourselves and each other, so in that spirit, we wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend.

-Mrs Keffler, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Fairbrother and Mrs Gooch



Year 5

This week Year 5 have moved onto their Science learning for the term and have begun to look at life cycles of different animals. We have learnt about birds and amphibians and have compared the differences. We will be moving onto the other types of animals and plant reproduction next week. 

Children have really enjoyed learning about tag rugby this term and have spent most Wednesday afternoons enjoying getting muddy on the field - it is great to see them building their confidence with the new sport!

We have also linked our History and English learning and have begun looking at non-chronological reports about the Ancient Greeks in preparation to write our own reports in the next two weeks. 

Maths has been spent multiplying fractions and the children have wowed us with their fractions knowledge! Keep up the good work Year 5!

-Miss Finch, Miss Oxborough and Mr Rattue


Year 6

The close of January has brought with it some fantastic new learning from our intrepid Year 6 classes! Maths has seen new learning flow on nicely from our previous work on fractions and ratio. We have now started decimals and our pupils really get the point! We will continue to explore working with decimals including addition and subtraction. English and Geography remain very interwoven: this helps pupils make easier links between fiction and non-fiction. Their geography research about living and working in Brazil was very good - there was plenty of 'order and progress' in the classroom and we used technology to find out some interesting facts about this diverse South American country. 

Next week, skills in English will continue to focus on punctuation, comprehension and cohesion - these are essential for pieces of writing to flow and engage the reader. Many pupils are showing an improvement in this area, leading to increased confidence when tackling any written assignment. 

We continue to unashamedly shout success stories for pupils, with postcards and calls home always a pleasure for everybody involved. Nothing gives teachers (and parents) greater joy than seeing a pupil make a breakthrough, or demonstrate our school values: essential life skills than extend beyond education. 

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

-Mr Coppillie, Mrs McMahon and Mrs Cooper


Week commencing 23rd January

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

Where to start!

This week began with an excellent themed day, celebrating Chinese New Year. It was great to see children engaging with our visitors and many proudly sharing the dragons and other items made. The children really demonstrated a generosity and thankfulness at the opportunity to explore another culture and learn something beyond our usual curriculum.

It has also been brilliant to see our Year 3s have the chance to meet a dentist as part of their Teeth project. I am pleased to say there are some excellent teeth on show in Year 3. Good job with brushing everyone!

Please also don’t forget that we are delivering an online safety/keeping children safe online session at 5.30 on Tuesday 31st January. This is being led by our federation computing lead and Online safety lead, Miss Finch (who teaches in Year 5). We welcome parents with children of any age to attend, as there’s some excellent advice and guidance on offer, with a chance to discuss it in more detail.

Looking further ahead, we have an exciting end to the half term with discos and a Break the Rules Day. The brilliant PTA who organise this are still looking for more volunteers. Please do let us know if you are interested in joining.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

-Mr Andrews



It was great to celebrate Chinese New Year this week in assembly. We enjoyed learning about the festival and how it is celebrated. The Infant School children also enjoyed learning a song and listening to our children talk about how they celebrate. The Junior School thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese Dance workshop.



Year 3

As well as the hard work that year 3 have been doing this week, we have enjoyed a really informative visit from the dentist from Courtyard Dental Surgery. The children had many good questions and the dentist was impressed by their knowledge and interest. This was also evident in our end of topic quiz about digestion.

Another excitement comes in the form of our start to the DT Pizza project. The children are very excited to be designing company names and logos and sharing ideas about their favourite types of pizza topping. Next Tuesday we will do a taste testing activity to try some of the typical toppings. If your child has any allergies we should know about, please let us know by informing your child’s teacher directly or contacting the school office. We will provide the ingredients for the pizza bases and basic ingredients. We will send a letter to request the toppings your child has chosen next Thursday. We will make the pizzas in class on Thursday 9th January. Please ask if you have any questions.

Next week’s English will be learning how to write non chronological reports about teeth.

Next week’s maths will be continuing multiplying and dividing with a quick end of block assessment to find out the understanding.

We strongly encourage you to support your child with our reading homework requirements of reading with an adult 3 times a week. There have been some children who have missed their reads for a couple of weeks. We are really enjoying the class book Varjak Paw. The author SF Said tweeted Mrs Gooch to encourage us in our reading! We are collecting children’s ideas about books they have read and recommend for a display. Please also keep up with the Maths homework sheets. Many thanks!

-Mrs Coupe, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Hayward


Year 4

Our week in Year 4 started with our celebration of Chinese New Year. First of all, we learned the story which explains why 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, and thought that the Rat should have been punished for cheating rather than being declared the race winner! We made puppets for each animal and acted out the story.  After that our attention turned to the dragon - we took part in a dragon dance workshop - see photo - and also made our own dragons.  We found out about the traditions which many now follow during this event every year, then made folding rabbits and fortune cookies, sharing positive messages with each other. 

During the rest of the week our English lessons have focused on writing our own version of the start of The Iron Man, including the skills we've practised - fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and speech punctuation (ask your children to explain if you're not sure what these are!)  In Maths we've continued with written multiplication and have now moved on to division methods, so please keep practising your times tables, as this will really help you.

We have also been making bridges with partners in gymnastics, learned about Bar or Bat Mitzvah and weddings in RE, to highlight just a couple of other areas of learning. Even more importantly, we've seen so many examples of children demonstrating our school values to each other and us, particularly being kind, generous and patient - well done, Year 4!

Thank you too to all you parents for your support,

- Mrs Keffler, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Fairbrother and Mrs Gooch

Year 5

This week Year 5 have written some amazing Ancient Greece inspired Myths! The children have managed to grasp the Greek god family tree and have used all of the characters amazingly. They loved learning about the different mythical beasts and some of them even designed their own, which just blew us away. 

We have also enjoyed finding out about Greek theatre and the comparison between modern day and Ancient Greek democracy! 

In PSHE we have been looking at what jobs we will aspire to have when we are older and the children have an eclectic mix of ambitions which we have really enjoyed researching and delving into!

In computing we have been exploring different search engines and the children have enjoyed finding out about some lesser known sites which have more surprising elements - especially Ecosia, which plants trees, based on how many electronic searches take place. The children loved reading about its ethos and watching the live tree count going up!

Again, a phenomenal week from Year 5 - we can't wait to see what you amaze us with next week.

-Miss Finch, Miss Oxborough and Mr Rattue


Year 6

Ni Hao! This week has seen Year 6 celebrate Chinese New Year with the whole of Monday given over to recognising and learning about Chinese culture. The children loved making masks using collaging, paper rabbits and much more. They were also treated to a Dragon Dance workshop where they were able to participate and even encouraged to make noise for once! Our Theme lessons have moved onto Geography where we are learning about the magnificent country of Brazil. This of course dove-tails nicely with our English class text Kensuke's Kingdom and we are glad that the children enjoy it so much. Maths sees us continuing with ratio and this week we have explored the link between ratio, scale factors and similar shapes.

Hopefully you will have seen the letter regarding this term's project: a piece of work on rainforests. This can be a model, text, game or similar. We were blown away by the last efforts about the Industrial Revolution and can't wait to see what will be brought into school this time (no full-size rubber trees please!).

As always, we thank parents for all their efforts in supporting our pupils in Year 6. It's wonderful watching their maturity and skills develop - it's great to be part of such a fantastic community so thank you.

Have a great weekend!

-Mr Coppillie, Mrs McMahon and Mrs Cooper

Week commencing 16th January

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

Although the temperature has dropped over the past few days, the learning across the Infant and Junior schools certainly hasn’t.

I have spent time around both schools, in different classes and it has been really pleasing to have children sharing their fantastic work with us (and earning stickers in the process). I’ve seen handwriting in reception, Maths in Year 4, PE in 5 and

Science in Year 6, plus lots in between, and seeing the children so passionate about what they are learning is really inspiring.

We’ve also spent time in assemblies discussing behaviour and school values. At the Junior school, we discussed what brilliant behaviour looked like and the types of behaviour to avoid. There were some great examples given, particularly the ‘chain reaction’ both good and poor behaviour can have and how we can do our part in making school ‘brilliant’. At the Infant’s, my budding actors supported me and the other children in exploring the word ‘respect’ and how we can demonstrate in our lives, both at school and in the home.  These were excellent conversations and the responses around school since have been very positive.

On a staffing front, you will be aware of some teaching unions’ decision to strike. We are awaiting guidance from the Local Authority around how to manage any potential in-school strike action and will provide an update as soon as I am able (likely early next week) around any forced class closures.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

-Mr Andrews



We wanted to share with you our Federation Vision again and explain it in full. In assembly this week, we have talked about the Vision, and how we show this. In the parental survey, a lot of our parents knew our Vision, but were not sure of the meaning. I hope this helps:

Our Christian vision for the school is:

Matthew 7:7: Ask, Seek Knock.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

We look to God for his support. God invites us and we accept his invitation. 

We look for ways to open doors and be generous to others.

We try to make reference to our school Vison in our everyday exchanges with the children and find opportunities to share our understanding of how we can live out our values and our Vision, each day. We have a school song that the children learn to help them remember the Vision.

-Mrs. Miller


Year 3

There has been a lot of really good work happening in Year 3 this week. It is so good to see Writing and Maths skills developing so well. In English the children have been writing clear and interesting instructions on how to brush your teeth. In Maths the understanding of reasoning about multiplications and division calculations is improving well. Children take Maths homework sheets home on Thursday and return the following Thursday. It is great to see their independence in checking and marking growing. Thank you for supporting this.

The dance movements and relating to music on Friday was really inspiring and wonderful to watch.

It has been unfortunate to have some staff absences recently, but the children have been supporting each other well and doing their best. Next week 3HC will have Mrs Dunn to work with them on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Coupe will teach in class on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We wish Mrs Hayward a speedy recovery and look forward to her return later this month.

On Monday we will be doing Chinese New Year activities.

Next week’s Maths will be starting with multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number with practical activities.

The next theme unit will be the DT unit on making pizzas. We will let you know what we need you to contribute next week.

Please keep reading 3 times a week for your enjoyment and for house points!

-Mrs Coupe, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Hayward


Year 4

This week we have continued to be enthralled by the Iron Man and the efforts of local farmers to catch him in a huge pit – we are looking forward to writing our own version of this next week. We have also come up with a cunning plan of our own to tell the farmers when he's trapped – we are designing an alarm system using our recent Science learning about switches and electrical circuits. For this, it would be really helpful if you could send in a big cereal box (empty!) by next Friday 27th January, so we can construct our models; thank you.

Some of us have “felt in a pit of our own” in Maths this week, which we call the Learning Pit.  When we are struggling with our learning, we talk about how to climb out of it by persevering, asking for help and recognising that with practice we will succeed.  Using a written method for multiplication is new learning for many but we are showing resilience and determination, so we will soon get there!

Finally, we are starting to practise our coding skills using some software called Logo - if any children would like to continue our learning at home over the next few weeks, you can use this link: https://www.transum.org/software/Logo/  In our computing lessons we've also been talking about e-safety and the importance of respectful positive online relationships.  If you can, do come along to the online safety meeting on the 31st January, to help make sure you know more about such an important subject.

Thanks for all your support,

-Mrs Keffler, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Fairbrother and Mrs Gooch


Year 5

This week in Year 5 we have tackled short division and the children have shown a huge amount of perseverance and really done themselves proud! In English we have read more Greek Myths, focusing on Pandora's Box but also reading a variety of others. The children particularly enjoyed the descriptions of MedusaThe Minotaur and lots of other mythical creatures! Next week, they will be writing their own myth and creating their own mythical beasts. We cannot wait to read what they come up with!

We have begun to look at Ancient Greece in History and have established where this time period took place in relation to other historical periods. We have started to learn about their belief system. 

One of our favourite parts of the week was researching career paths we may want to take and what salaries these jobs have! Some were quite surprising!

Well done Year 5 for another great week!

-Miss Finch, Miss Oxborough and Mr Rattue


Year 6

Another jam-packed week for our Year Six pupils! This week has seen the children start to tackle the world of ratio in Maths, looking at the language and basics of this particular area. The children understand how this follows on from our work on fractions and have impressed us with how they continue to make links to their previous learning. In English, we continue reading the excellent Michael Morpurgo novel Kensuke's Kingdom, with the lead character setting sail with his parents across the world. Our pupils have tested their comprehension skills and expanded their vocabulary by clarifying new or unusual words found in the book; some colloquial, many of them nautical!

In theme, we are studying Science, by looking at the crucial and famous work of Charles Darwin. Known for his book The Origin of Species, in which he proposed the idea of evolution.  Darwin conducted much research on the Galapagos Islands, which the children have loved researching online. We have also looked at habitats, from frozen tundra to sweltering rainforests, with our pupils gaining a new appreciation of how animals and plants adapt and survive in these extreme conditions.

We continue to reach out to parents to show success stories as they happen; thank you for reading our notes and taking our calls, the children love the recognition and it builds their confidence. We want to remind parents of the importance of their children reading regularly, and completing English and Maths homework weekly - these are the cornerstones of academic success and help children become their best.

Have a lovely weekend!

-Mr Coppillie, Mrs McMahon and Mrs Cooper


Week commencing 9th January

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

After another busy week, we are pleased to be able to reflect on the successes of many of our pupils and their efforts and achievements. Continually, across both schools, the children are demonstrating our values and really seem to be working hard to show our rules of Ready, Respectful and Safe.

From a curriculum perspective, we are pleased to be sharing everything that is going on this term in the form of the curriculum summaries, which will accompany the newsletter. We hope that your children and you find them useful in knowing more about what is being learnt this term and the exciting opportunities ahead.

As requested by some families, we will try to ensure everyone is aware of upcoming learning for the week ahead to allow for a growing understanding of our curriculum and challenge.

During next week, we will also be sharing the summary of the parental surveys received and any follow up actions/responses from the school. We would like to thank all those who contributed.

 Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

- Mr Andrews (Executive Headteacher)


Chinese New Year

On Monday 23rd January, all children will be taking part in a Chinese New Year themed day. Each class will be off timetable and have the opportunity to take part in a dance workshop as well as other activities. We would love for children to share with their class any experiences of celebrations or traditions linked to Chinese New Year. Please ask your child to speak to their class teacher if they would like to talk to their class about Chinese New Year.


Online Safety Information Session

We are holding an information session focused around online safety in school on January 31st at 5.30pm. Please see the attached flyer for details. Miss Finch, our online safety lead, will be discussing positive uses of the internet and ways to ensure that use of the internet at home is managed safely. If you need to bring children with you, there will be a classroom supervised by a staff member where we will be showing a film where they can wait for you. 


Year 3

In our first full week back, Year 3 have been very busy with re-establishing and building on the skills and knowledge of the previous term. We have been getting very interested in our Science investigation and have found interesting results about which drinks are not good for your teeth. Orange juice and blackcurrant juice were found to make the egg shells we used, break down and stain very badly! The ‘junk models’ showing some of the inner workings of the digestive system were very imaginative! And we love the rhyme about the passage of food through the digestive system-get your child to demonstrate it: - mmm; swallow, slurp; oesophagus; oesophagus; oesophagus!

In English we have been learning how to use imperative verbs in instructions and getting to grips with facts about teeth. In Maths the understanding and skills of calculating the 4 and 8 times table with associated division facts, has been going very well.

Next week we will round off this part of the multiplication and division unit and begin the second module on this topic with more reasoning and exploration of calculation methods in multiplication and division. In English next week, we will be learning the way we can use adverbs and adverbial phrases to add interest and ideas of time to our instructions writing in order to plan our instructions on ‘How to brush your teeth’. A dentist from the Courtyard practice will be visiting on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th January to talk to Year 3 about dental hygiene. This will complete our Science unit on animals including humans.

Starting a new theme topic, we will be learning about ‘Why Christians call the day Jesus died, Good Friday’.

We have been really enjoying the dance unit on wild animals and will continue to be inspired by interesting music and movements. In Computing our focus is on desk top publishing and how we can convey ideas through text and images and this will lead to using Publisher to create a multi-media presentation.

Thank you to those who have been supporting your child with reading 3 times a week, which is a valuable and affirming way to develop your child’s skills and understanding. Reading 3 times a week will gain 3 house points!

It is great to see how much Year 3 are maturing and developing in their subjects and as kind, patient and generous individuals who appreciate each other and the opportunities we can offer them.

-Mrs Coupe, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Hayward



Year 4

Year 4 have made a fantastic start to the Spring term, settling back and remembering to demonstrate our ready, respectful and safe rules. In English we've read some of Michael Rosen's poems and created our own love or hate food-related ones. From loving chocolate, strawberries or chillies, to hating mushrooms, onions or sprouts (or chillies - we all have our own opinions!), we have then performed them with gestures, animated facial expressions and great use of our voices. We have now moved on to our new text, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, starting with a gallery of objects and images to spark our interest and help us make predictions about the book.

In Maths we've continued to work on our multiplication and division skills, so please keep practising times tables at home, whether using TT Rockstars or another method. In our Science learning we've been electrified by making circuits, and then using them to investigate conductors, insulators and switches. Finally, we've been thinking about our dreams and goals for life in PSHE, linked to our RE, which has seen us looking at different ways of imagining life - as a journey, a book or a rollercoaster, for example. They're all ways in which we can stretch our minds, not only learning skills and knowledge, but also using our imagination. Well done Year 4 for a great week, and keep it up!

-Mrs Keffler, Mrs Fairbrother, Mrs Gooch and Mrs Andrews.

Year 5

Year 5 have had a fantastic first full week back to school this term and are really enjoying getting stuck into learning about lots of new things as part of our new topics. We have enjoyed reading a selection of Greek myths and learning about the mythical creatures they describe! In Maths, we have tackled and conquered multiplication and have all felt really proud of ourselves for persevering and becoming more and more confident with a new method. In RE we have been learning about the Islam faith and have been really interested in the ways that Muslim people pray and learning about Ramadan and fasting.

The children have started the term with huge enthusiasm and we are really proud of their effort! Well done Year 5!

-Miss Finch, Miss Oxborough and Mr Rattue


Year 6

Year 6 have made a fantastic start to 2023 and have immersed themselves in lots of learning opportunities.

In English, we have started to read the text Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morporgo and it has been great to see how the book has inspired children to share with one another their experiences of other Michael Morpurgo texts. Both classes have written an informal letter from the point of view of the main character Michael and have made some great predictions. Many children can't wait to find out what happens next.

There have been some great discussions in Maths this week around metric and imperial units of measure. We have been looking at how to convert between units of measure and how we can apply this knowledge to calculations.

Our Science unit on Evolution and Adaptation has led to lots of great discussions (and questions) about how animals have changed over time. We have also explored how fossils can provide evidence of what has happened in the past. Many children could remember the steps of fossilisation from Year 3 and have made links with their Year 3 learning about Mary Anning.

The children had the opportunity to be creative in R.E. yesterday with Mrs Gooch and have constructed some structures to represent the strong foundations of our beliefs. The children enjoyed the challenge of trying to build a model which was strong enough to support a Bible.



Last week, we were fortunate enough to start a unit of work on Yoga. These sessions are being delivered by a specialised Yoga teacher-much to the relief of the Year 6 team! The children have had two lessons so far and have impressed us with their flexibility and ability to hold balances in the trickiest of positions!

Week commencing 2nd January

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear parents / carers,

Happy New Year!

We hope that you have all had the opportunity to enjoy the festive period, and spend time with family and friends where possible. It has felt quite a quick turnaround from New Year to starting again, but it is great to be back!

Although a shorter week this week, it has still been very productive. It has been wonderful to welcome all of the children back across the Federation and hear about their presents and experiences, as well as watch them connecting so positively with their friends.

The term ahead is one in which we are looking forward to and very much focused on getting the most out of classroom learning and wider experiences. The teachers and year group teams have been putting together their curriculum summaries to share with parents/families and these will be sent out at the end of next week. These will contain the learning taking place and other areas linked to the curriculum (trips/dates of events etc). We hope you find them useful.

Please also remember that our websites has all of the relevant information around curriculum and our learning.

DISN = https://www.dunchurchinfantschoolandnursery.co.uk/

DBJS = https://www.dunchurchjuniorschool.org.uk/

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

-Mr Andrews


Assemblies and Collective Worship

It was lovely to welcome the children back together in the hall. Both Juniors and Infants enjoyed singing together again.  Well done children.  At both schools we are focusing on our School Values and how this links with Bible stories this half term. We have introduced our PSHE theme of "Dreams and Goals" and have thought about what we want to achieve in 2023.  We also found out about Epiphany.  At the Junior School, we will have a focus on "Courage" from our Roots and Fruits scheme.