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Summer Term 1 News 2022-2023

Week commencing 22nd May

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

It’s hard to believe we are now at the May half term, and have just 7 weeks left of this academic year.

There has been so much achieved over the past few weeks: SATs, trips, residentials, amazing class projects, PTA events, visitors and competitions - just about everything that could have been considered!

A big thank you to the wider community for your continued support. Whether it has been volunteering for trips, supporting a PTA event or even turning up and ‘barrowing’ some soil for us, you have all contributed to our school community - so thank you again.

Thank you also to the two amazing staff teams for your efforts and support of  children and families. Please ensure you enjoy the break and come back ready for another great 7 weeks.

Next half term is of great importance. We are working hard on transition plans, new leadership plans, cover for specific staffing roles (including SENDCo), and will share information in due course about all of these. Rest assured the school, governors and the DMAT will be collaborating to ensure the end of the year is a positive one, and the plans for September and beyond are equally exciting.

As it stands, conversion to academies is due to take place on July 1st, a month delayed from the initial date. All being well, we will join the DMAT family and benefit from their support and guidance.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone the best for the half term ahead and hope that you get the opportunity to enjoy the weather and time away from school.

With best wishes,

Mr Andrews


Assembly and Worship

This week we have been learning about Pentecost. Our worship table cloth changed to red for this special time in the church calendar. We had fun using balloons to symbolise how the disciples felt flat after Jesus had died and then elated and full of life after the disciples received the Holy Spirit. There was lots of laughter as the children blew up balloons and then let them go.


Year 3

One of the highlights of last week was definitely the Year 3 Egyptian day. Both classes listened very attentively and really enjoyed the artefacts and experience of seeing how a body was mummified, trying on costumes and learnt a lot about Ancient Egyptian life. Children were very adventurous in trying the different kinds of food. Thank you parents for your support in providing and creating the wonderful outfits.

In English we have been developing skills and using them to good effect in a narrative based on the Egyptian Cinderella. Some treats in store, we are sure when we read these over half term! This week we have been consolidating and reviewing maths learning about money and getting much more confident in showing calculation methods. We have just begun learning about plants and what they need to survive with an investigation that the children were really engaged in planning and setting up. We will be planting some seeds and looking out for signs of them growing after half term.

Next term’s English will be based around the theme of hedgehogs. We are planning a visit from a hedgehog rescue centre and gathering information about hedgehogs and will go on to read the book The Hodgeheg by D King Smith. Our maths topic will be time, so this could be a good one to talk to your children about at home and when out about when you have a chance to look at clocks, telling the time and reading digital times. Theme will be science on plants. We will be glazing the Canopic jars that were created this week-but we won’t be adding organs- surprisingly!

We did give out maths homework for half term. It will be great if you can continue reading with your child and reviewing the statutory spellings.

We hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable half term break and we look forward to spending the final half term together soon, with many exciting events and experiences which we will be letting you know about separately.

-Mrs Buckley, Mrs Hayward, Mrs Coupe


Year 4

We continue to be so impressed by the children in Year 4 with their positive attitude to their learning, and their resilience in the face of challenges. The latter has certainly been evident in our maths work on decimals, where skills such as rounding, using number lines, partitioning, ordering and linking to fractions have been needed. In English we are really enjoying reading D King-Smith's book 'The Sheep-Pig', including trying out our animal voices and Yorkshire accents! So far we've written a diary entry from Babe the pig's point of view, and will be planning a character profile on our return after half term, as well as using a programme called Colourful Semantics to help improve our sentence structure and punctuation, involving creating some very silly sentences - the more ridiculous the better!

In science, as part of our topic on Living Things and Their Habitats, we have been able to spend time in our wonderful outside learning space, The Haven. Following work on branching keys, the main aim was to discover and identify local plants and invertebrates. Despite the drizzle, we thoroughly enjoyed tree-baiting, foraging amongst the undergrowth and pond dipping, all within our very own nature reserve! Collectively, we think we manged to identify a millipede, earthworm, woodlouse, waterlouse, pond skaters, tadpoles and bloodworms, a newt (that kept hiding!), a beetle, water spider, grasshopper and frog, a mayfly, caddisfly, leeches, an ants’ nest, water flea, a water mite, slugs, water beetles, flies and pond snails!

We have also been observing plants carefully, drawing and doing leaf rubbing, which has prepared us for the exciting Georgia O'Keeffe art project which we have just started. 



Our RE unit has helped us to understand what people believe and what difference this makes, focusing on Christianity and Sikhism, and Computing lessons have taught us new coding skills in Scratch. We have used repeat loops to modify games and create our own animations, using this amazing piece of software.  If you would like to practise this further over half term, the website is completely free, and can be found at https://scratch.mit.edu/.

We hope you all enjoy a relaxing half term, but of course remember to keep practising times tables as we'll be completing the multiplication tables check once we're back in school.  The homework we've given out asks you to do this at least three times during the holiday, maybe in creative ways to help you learn the facts you find tricky.  Next half term an external coach will be teaching us cricket in PE; this means that our lessons will change to a Monday instead of Tuesday, so please make sure you have your PE kit in school the first day back.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs Keffler, Mrs Andrews and Mrs Fairbrother


Sporting Highlights

It’s been very busy with sporting activities over the last couple of weeks with lots of children taking part.

On Thursday 18th May, 27 girls from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in the Barclay’s Girls Football event at Rugby Borough football club. They all had a great time, representing the school brilliantly. The year 4 girls were particularly pleased to win their age group.

Friday 19th May saw 10 children from Year 3 and 4 participate in the new Panathlon at Houlton School. Everyone had a fantastic morning trying out all of the different sports and showed off their medals proudly when they returned to school - well done everyone!

Tuesday 23rd May saw the Year 6 Rounders team take on 7 other teams at Rugby High School. The children having been practicing hard and have learnt the complicated rules quickly. They played 5 matches and won 4 - with great fielding and batting. The team played really well and showed many of our school values throughout the tough competition. We eventually finished 3rd overall which was a great result - well done!



Times Tables Rock Stars

Well done to everyone who has been practising their times tables over the last week. It has been great to see so many of you enjoying TTRS. 

Many children have asked for another 'Battle of the Bands' so over half term and for the first week of next term there will be a live battle between the following classes:


3HC vs 5O

3B vs 5F

4A vs 6CM

4K vs 6C


Winners will be announced during celebratory assembly on the 9th June. Good luck!



Week commencing 15th May

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

What a week it’s been at the junior school. If last week’s SATs were busy, this week we’ve managed to surpass it with the amount of events taking place. Across the school, we’ve had a range of activities undertaken to stimulate and engage the children.

Egyptian day in Year 3 left us with walking mummies, pharaohs and Cleopatras walking around - very bizarre but suitably entertaining. Year 5 continue with their forest schools work - made all the easier by the fantastic weather this week. There have also been sporting events taking place with girls football and a multi-sports event. Everyone who has taken part has done the school proud!

Our most inspirational event was the science fair held on Tuesday. With a great many entries, it was brilliant to see the combination of scientific language and   investigation, as well as the pupils’ great ability to explain their experiments. A big thank you to Mrs Keffler for organising and for the families who came and looked around after school. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Next week is the final week before half term. There is much to continue with, so we are all bracing ourselves for another whirlwind end to another positive half term.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

Mr Andrews


Assembly and Worship

It was lovely to see some year 5 children lead an assembly on Thursday linked to food waste. This was a follow-up from their trip to Wales. They have formed an Eco Council and will be weighing our food waste each day in school. Thanks to Miss Oxborough for leading on this. Thank you to David and Emme in Year 5, who have designed an Eco Badge too.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Read led worship linked to Friendship and Learning to Listen.

Our Friday assembly was as ever, a great moment to celebrate all of our Childrens' achievements.



The photo above is of our ‘Understanding Christianity’ frieze, which tells the story of The Bible. The children look at this during their RE lessons.


Year 5

This week 5O had their second forest schools session. They were able to take part in whittling, den building, bug hunts, scavenger hunts and drilling ‘biscuits’. The children learnt lots of new skills and worked well as a team during the den building. We hope 5F will enjoy the session just as much on Monday.  

In English, we have been reading the books ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘Am I made of Stardust?’, practicing retrieval and inference skills. The children have really enjoyed the books, especially as ‘Am I made of Stardust?’ which was sent to us by the author, as we watched her live stream recently and it links to our recent Earth and Space topic. This week, the children have developed their skills on punctuating speech, using subordinating conjunctions to join clauses and adding detail to our sentences through the use of adverbs.  

In Maths, we have been working on shape focusing on angles and 3D shapes. The children have demonstrated excellent learning and understanding and grown in confidence with accurately using a protractor to measure angles.  

We have also just started our new art unit ‘Monet’, so we will have to update you as we progress through this. This half term has flown by, and although we are nearing the end of it, the children are continuing to put in 100% effort and we are very proud of them for this.  

- Miss Oxborough and Miss Finch  



Year 6

Mr Coppillie, Mrs McMahon and Mrs Cooper were incredibly impressed with the fantastic effort all the Year 6 children put into completing their SATs last week. All of our pupils were engaged, focused and positive throughout, which was lovely to see. We could not be prouder of them. 

This week has seen us continuing with the novel 'Holes' by analysing one of the important characters and making inferences about them by examining the text carefully. This is an important and tricky skill to master, yet our pupils have enjoyed coming up with thoughts evidenced from what is written about the character of the Warden in the book. 

In Maths, we have revisited the topic of statistics and have been interpreting data and drawing pie charts - a very real-world application of Maths that some parents may well be familiar with in their working lives. The children have been completing tables of frequency before transferring the data onto a pie chart using a protractor. They did a great job - let's hope they don't angle for a reward!

Our artwork is still centred on the fantastic artist, Henri Rousseau, with pupils taking photos outside to inspire them when designing the background to their own artwork, which is being built up in layers. Rousseau's subtropical studies were highly stylised to the point of being dreamy - the children are keen to replicate this!

We will continue to set all Year 6 children weekly maths homework; this is to support their transition to secondary education, where daily homework will become the norm. Please also continue to read with your child 3 times a week, recording these reads in their blue reading records. Reading is the gateway to furthering all the skills they will require to flourish in the next phase of their schooling.

Wishing you a great weekend,

Mr Coppillie, Mrs McMahon and Mrs Cooper


Science Fair

Well done to all those who entered this week's science fair - we were really impressed with the effort that had been put in, to write up your findings to share them with everyone. Even more exciting was the creative ideas you came up with and your enquiring minds to seek answers to questions - you're becoming fantastic scientists!

Our two prize winners are William in 5F, with the children's vote, for his 'what's under the shell of an egg?' or William's Egg-sperience, and Oscar H in 6C. Our judge praised him for a clear investigation with variables mentioned, and great ideas for next steps. It was also beautifully presented and included an exciting exploding demonstration for his class. Other special mentions were for Alex J, for his great presentation and enthusiasm, and Edward in 5O - 'Is alpaca poo a good fertiliser?' - our judge was interested in this for her own garden!

We hope that this event has sparked your curiosity about all sorts of things you see in the world around you, and that whether you entered or not, it will encourage you to keep investigating to find answers to your questions.

Week commencing 8th May

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

Four weeks into the summer term now and we’ve hit test ‘season’.

We’ve been delighted with how the Year 6s have approached their SATs; a real positive manner and  determination. A big thank you to all the staff who have supported the Year 6 team, and to the Year 6 team themselves. Thank you to the rest of the school for your patience and support with timetable changes etc.

Next week we face the prospect of a full 5 days! With no Bank Holidays, we hope that routines can return to normal a little more, as we have a strong push towards half term and preparing for Summer 2.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

Mr Andrews


Year 3

We have had some great learning experiences and wider curriculum opportunities these past couple of weeks. Our coronation activities were fun and some beautiful collages were made. We used our knowledge about expanded noun phrases to create descriptions of a good or bad king. We made some great coin designs and started to explore values of coins in preparation for our next maths unit on money, which begins next week. We also had great fun making animations of the King and Queen with the ‘I can animate’ app.

English learning has been about using inference skills and using evidence from the book Egyptian Cinderella, which the children have been really engaged in. Next week we will be develop more skills using prepositions, speech punctuation and using the perfect tense. We have been excited and impressed by the children’s knowledge and understanding of Ancient Egyptian history. There have been some challenging fractions problems and children have been doing really well with showing a lot more of their working out strategies alongside the questions. Our new class reading book is ‘The Nothing to See Here Hotel’ by Steven Butler.

Please find time to read with your child 3 times a week and do the maths homework sheet for about 30 minutes, plus learning the spelling rules and statutory spellings from the list. Thank you for your support.


Year 6 SATS - Message from Mrs Cooper, Mr Coppillie and Mrs McMahon

We are incredibly proud of the children who have shown amazing resilience, perseverance and determination throughout this week. Each and every child has tried their best and should remember that they are a credit to themselves and our school. Wishing everyone a well deserved rest this weekend.


Year 4

Over the last couple of weeks our learning has included everything from the global to tiny invertebrates. In geography, we researched climate zones and biomes (regions with similar climates, animals and plants, if you haven't come across them before), and have now moved on to our new science topic about habitats, in which we have used and created our own branching keys to classify and identify animals, as in the photo. Today we're looking forward to visiting the Haven to search for a variety of living organisms ourselves.



In English we're really enjoying reading Sheep-pig by D King-Smith, discussing whether a pig really could herd sheep, trying out Yorkshire accents(!) and this week writing a diary entry as the farm's sheep-dog who has to say goodbye to her puppies but adopts and starts training a piglet (Babe). 

Our maths learning has centred around decimals, learning how to partition, multiply and divide them as well as link them to last term's fraction learning. And of course, we've also been practising times tables - we can see the progress the children are making, especially those who are regularly practising at home, so do keep that up over the next few weeks as often as you can!

Last Friday we enjoyed preparing for the coronation, finding out about our new king, making bunting and creating royal raps!  

Finally, our Games/PE lessons have centred on athletics with Mr James, and tennis, where we've benefited from using new equipment to practise our skills - watch out, Wimbledon!  

 We have continued to be impressed by the way the children continue to remember and follow our school routines and rules, as well as demonstrating so many of our school values to staff and each other, particularly kindness, patience and generosity.  



Times Tables Rock Stars

Congratulations to 4K who have won our class TTRS award this week with an amazing 94% of the class practising their times tables over the last seven days. Well done!



Week commencing 1st May 

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

It’s been a lovely end to the week across each school as a result of the Coronation Day celebrations. All of the children look fabulous in their red, white and blue (plus a dash of other colours too).

A big thank you to the Year 5 families who were able to join us to view your children’s mountains projects. They really were breath-taking. Such craftsmanship and time must have gone in to their completion. A real example of being aspirational. Well done to everyone involved (you too parents!)

As a school, we have been looking at additional ways to support families and signpost for additional help and guidance. As such, Mrs Maguire has put together an extensive list of support services, should you require them at any point. These can be found on our website. Please follow the link: https://www.dunchurchjuniorschool.org.uk/parents/parental-support

As with last week, we hope you enjoy the extended Bank Holiday weekend, and if you are celebrating the Coronation, enjoy waving those flags!



Assemblies and Worship

We are continuing with our theme of Friendship currently. On Thursday, we found out all about the Coronation and learnt lots of facts about Westminster Abbey and that the Coronation Service is a religious service.

Today after our Celebration Assembly, we sang the National Anthem. The children all looked fantastic in their red, white and blue clothes.

It is great to see that all of our Year 3 children now know our school prayer.



Year 5

Wow! What a phenomenal couple of weeks we have had in Year 5. The children blew us away with their behaviour, attitude, team work and independence in Wales. They enjoyed having new experiences, making lots of memories with their friends and of course engaging in lots of learning. The children gained lots of independent skills as they made their beds, prepared their own lunches and cleared up after meals. The children have been a real credit to the school and the centre staff commented on how polite the children were during their trip. We are very proud of them and had so much fun climbing mountains and exploring with them. 


This week we have been impressed by their Mountains and Rivers projects. The projects have been spectacular, and it is clear just how much time and effort the children have put into these. They should all be very proud of what they have produced. Thank you to parents/carers who supported the children in creating these.  

In Science, we have been continuing with our Earth and Space topic and the children have been learning about why day and night occurs, why the length of daylight differs throughout the year and what causes different seasons. The children have been writing scripts, and pretending to be presenters, explaining their learning and these will then be used during our computing sessions as they learn to record and edit videos.  

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy any Coronation celebrations you take part in.  

Miss Oxborough and Miss Finch  


Year 6

Year 6 have been busy as usual this week! The children have been working hard on preparing themselves for the SATs that will take place next week. On Tuesday, we held a mock test in order to familiarise all pupils with the set up and procedures for the real thing. Many children seemed reassured by doing this, and realised that the style, length and difficulty of these tests are no different to the assessments that they have been doing all year. Rest assured, lots of support is available - our children are fantastic and should approach next week with well won confidence!

Maths has seen us looking at plotting points on a quadrants and investigating pie charts. We have finished the week with some revision focussing on two step calculations. In English, we have been polishing up our comprehension skills and have been revisiting key grammatical terminology. Our Theme lessons continue to explore Rosseau's art and the children have enjoyed finishing some Rousseau watercolour replicas.

Some children have been asking for extra practice in some areas in the run up to SATs. We have set homework to help accommodate this, but want to make it clear that there is no expectation for children to complete it all unless they feel it would be of benefit for them. 

We want to congratulate our pupils on their excellent and mature attitude to their upcoming tests. We are very proud of their growth mindset and it is fantastic to see them overcome their nerves and show everyone just how much they have learned during their journey through Primary Education. Well done Year 6 - go for it!

- Mrs Cooper, Mr Coppillie, Mrs McMahon and the Year 6 team.


Times Tables Rock Stars

It was great to see so many children take part in our Battle of the Bands competition. Well done to 3HC, 4A, 5O and 6CM who won the year group battles.

Congratulations to the following children for spending the most time practising their times tables during the battle.


3HC- Seth


4K- Harini



6C- Sam

6CM- Molly T


Week Commencing 24th April

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

Another week has passed and we now find ourselves at the start of the Bank Holiday ‘season’. It has been a positive yet unusual week at the junior school.

Year 5 have excelled themselves, whether that be on residential and half-way up Mynydd Sygun, or in school working on different projects, the feedback I have had has been excellent – very well done to everyone and a big thank you to the staff for giving up their time (lives) to attend the residential. It means a great deal!

Year 6 continue to plough forward towards the SATs. Their positive attitude and commitment has been exceptional. Four more days of hard work and you have the best preparation you need – keep it up!

Year 3 and 4 continue to engage well with their projects and have really been working hard on their learning behaviours.

We continue to appreciate the disruption caused by the strike days. Thank you to everyone for your messages and understanding of the ongoing challenges faced by schools. It is very much appreciated.

A reminder that next week we are closed on Monday 1st May for Bank Holiday and only open on Tues 2nd for Year 6 (and other pupils allocated specific places).

Wishing you all an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend, 

Mr Andrews


Year 3

Year 3 have settled back very well into the summer term. We have already had writing opportunities, writing a narrative for the Stone Age Boy story. They have shown really good understanding of our maths topic on fractions and have been developing good skills and attitudes through the history theme of stone age and foundation subjects.

Next week’s English will be based around the Egyptian Cinderella story of Rhodopis. We will be using the reciprocal reading skills of predicting, questioning and clarifying in particular. This links with our new history unit on Ancient Egypt, which we will be starting very soon.

In this week’s maths we are rounding up the current understanding of fractions then moving into the next section, in which will be continuing working with fractions, including adding and subtracting fractions and looking at ways of representing this.

We will have some coronation themed activities throughout the shorter week coming.

On Thursday 18th May 2023 we will be having an Egyptian Day. The guest speaker and history re-enactment expert will cover many interesting topics, and give the children a chance to handle artefacts. It would be great to see children dressed up and getting into the feel of 'walking like an

Egyptian'. So if you can make a costume or find some artefacts and accessories, that would be brilliant. Please do not worry if you are not able to do this, but let us know how we can help you, if you would like to dress up.

We would like to try some foods that would have been eaten at those times. Please let your class teacher know of ANY ALLERGIES. If your child does not have any food allergies, you do not have to let us know and we will assume that they can try any of the food we have available. There will be a charge of £3 per child to cover the cost of the event and the provision of activities and food experiences.

We are really looking forward to this exciting term and the activities and seeing the children develop and strengthen their skills and understanding of living out our school values and rules.

We strongly encourage you to support your child with our reading homework requirements of reading with an adult 3 times a week.

-Mrs Coupe/Mrs Hayward


Year 4

This week, we have enjoyed reading the first few chapters of our new text, 'Sheep-Pig'. We have loved finding out more about the main characters so that we will be able to write personal diary entries from the perspective of Fly, the farm's sheep dog.  In maths, we have been persevering with decimals including tenths and hundredths. We have also continued practising times tables in preparation for the multiplication check in June. Please continue to use TTRS and to practise times tables regularly at home. The teachers are looking forward to being challenged and every point over the next few days counts towards the Battle of the Bands against the other Year 4 class!

Today, we have enjoyed visiting different biomes and writing our own postcards home to describe the landscape, climate and the animals and people who live there.  This week, we have also been reminding ourselves about our network of trusted adults, our early warning signs and safe/unsafe secrets. We know that 'We all have the right to feel safe all of the time' and that it is important to tell people on our network if we feel unsafe at any time.  Next week, we are looking forward to starting our new science unit about habitats and to the Coronation activities on Friday. 

Please could we remind you to read at least three times per week at home, and to record this in your reading diaries, completing two questions from the reading homework sheet. It is also important to complete the maths homework each week to revisit key skills.

We hope that you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

Mrs Andrews

Mrs Keffler

Mrs Fairbrother



Well done to 4A for accumulating the highest number of minutes played on TTRS over the last week. Congratulations to the following children for making the biggest improvements on their studio speed:


3HC- Charlotte H


4K- Ben


6C- Sam

6CM- Laycie

The Battle of the Bands year group tournaments run until Wednesday with the winners announced on Friday. Happy practising!


Week commencing 17th April

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

Welcome back to all pupils and families. It has been a really positive first week back across the Federation, helped significantly by the lovely weather we have had (apart from today)!

It has been lovely to hear about the children’s Easter breaks. Whether they have gone away or spent time with family, it is always nice to see children coming back happy and ready to return.

This term looks to be just as action-packed as others, with many new clubs starting, and some favourites continuing. We have many activities, experiences, trips and some residentials planned for the different age ranges.

We also have the small matter of the national assessments taking place this term. All children, whether doing phonics in Year 1, end of KS1 SATs in Year 2 or end of KS2 SATs in Year 6, have been working hard to prepare for them, and approach them with a can-do attitude, to try their best.

Many nursery and Year 2 children will have received their school offers too this week. An initial transition meeting took place between school leaders to prepare key dates and opportunities for children to experience the new school and families to meet with the new staff. Dates will be shared over the coming weeks, and all transition activities will take place from the end of June through to 25th July.

As you will have read in my letter sent in the middle of the week, this term will be my last with the Federation. I have enjoyed my time here and I am looking forward to working with you all over the coming 13-14 weeks, to continue to develop each aspect of the Infants and Juniors, and prepare the children for their next stage.


Assembly and Worship

Our theme from the Roots and Fruits scheme this half term is Friendship.  We looked at the Proverb 18.24 "There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." I hope you can spot the friendship bracelet on our display that Mrs. Read made.

We also watched a video about Ramadan and Eid.  Lots of our children were able to talk about their own experiences linked to this, which was great.

Mrs. Coupe has met the Spirit Ambassadors this week and they are working to set up our Reflection Areas for this half term.



Year 5

We hope you had a lovely Easter break and it has been great to welcome the children back this week and hear about all they got up to!  

Some of the children had their first Forest School session this week and the feedback from the children has been really positive. Our session was linked to our new Science topic, Earth and Space, and the children had the opportunity to learn about how Forest School works and then created mud planets. We hope 5F are looking forward to their first session next week. On Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to have a Planetarium visit the school and we were super impressed by the knowledge the children already had, but also how much they learnt from this. We covered so many different topics from the planets in the solar system to observing constellations in the night sky. Children and teachers were really captivated by the images which were projected to recreate the constellations. Be sure to ask your child which they can remember!  

In English we have been focusing on similes and metaphors this week and the children have showcased their creativity as they have created their own which will be developed in the coming weeks through their pieces of writing. Children have demonstrated excellent resilience in Maths this week as we have been interpreting tables and timetables which has also involved using time.  

We hope those who are going to Wales are looking forward to the trip as much as we are, and for those who are staying in school we can’t wait to hear about what you’ve been up to! 

Miss Oxborough and Miss Finch  


Year 6

The first week of term has been jammed packed for our Year Six students! We continue to be impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment shown by pupils from both classes in the run up to their SATs. In English, we have both started a new class text of 'Holes' by Luis Sachar (met with much enthusiasm) and looked at some of the questions that we find tricky in assessments, to give us confidence in the weeks to come. Maths has seen us turn into the world of angles, and our students have been busy measuring, classifying and calculating them. 

We have also started our new theme lessons which concern the art of Henri Rousseau, whose work, originally derided by critics, inspired Picasso and Post Modernists alike. Rousseau's use of colour and dreamy compositions really are extraordinary, and the children have enjoyed forming opinions about his most famous pieces.

We have also had visits from both the Public Health team, who discussed mental health, and Speed Stackers who introduced children to the art of stacking cups at a lightning pace! The year group were excellently behaved at both events, as usual.

Finally, we would like to bring to parents' attention that some pupils appear to be using apps on mobile phones, such as WhatsApp, that aren't designed for young children. This has resulted in some unpleasant exchanges between pupils, including the forwarding of 'chain letter' type messages, which are very frightening to some children. Please consider if your child should be using these apps, and we suggest monitoring their phone use accordingly. No child should be manipulated or scared; staff take this seriously and we thank you for your help in keeping our children safe. 

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Cooper, Mrs McMahon and Mr Coppillie