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Summer Term 2 2022-2023

Primary Maths Challenge

We were extremely proud of the resilience and determination shown by a group of our pupils from Year 6 who took part in the Mathematics Association  Primary Maths Challenge. All pupils involved tackled some very tricky problems and puzzles and showed great maths stamina. Well done!



School Rules Competition

We are delighted to announce that David B from Year 4 has won our poster competition for our new school rules. This will now be laminated and put up in school. He has been awarded a Book Token in assembly today. Our rules are: "Ready, Respectful and Safe". Well done to all the children who took part and entered.



Summer Term 2 News 2022-2023

Week commencing 19th June

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

What a week this has been.


Leadership Update

Firstly, I am delighted for Mrs Marson, Mrs Read and Mrs Miller, who will be leading the schools into next year. Each of them has been such an incredible support and driving force behind what I have been trying to achieve over the past two years, and I am very confident that the schools are in excellent hands, and will continue to prosper, both individually and collectively under their direction.

We are now busily interviewing for further leadership roles and hope to announce these over the next two weeks, ready for transition.


Transition and Strike Days

We have also received the news around national strike days on the 5th and 7th July, which has forced many counties, including Warwickshire, into moving the transition day for Year 6 from 5th to the new date of the 10th July. This means that all our planned activities for the original date will move directly across to the 10th and we will continue to welcome children new to school and new to the next year group, on that day.

This has meant a swift change to plans for Year 6 attending Castleton, but we are grateful for them accommodating a delayed arrival and rearranging activities for the subsequent days.

In terms of strike days, we will be sharing any required closure with families during next week, as and when we have had confirmation from all teachers about their intention to strike.

A big thank you to the new to reception parents who joined us on Wednesday. Great to see so many continuing the Dunchurch journey and to welcome new families als

Finally, I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Dunchurch fete on Sunday!

P.S. Please don’t forget that Monday 26th is a training day, so no school for the pupils. We have a busy day preparing all the new curriculum for 2023-24.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

-Mr Andrews



Assemblies and Collective Worship

We continued to learn about the value of "Respect" this week and heard about When Jesus got angry in the Temple in Jerusalem, because stallholders were trying to sell their goods.

On Monday, our class assembly was linked to the Sikh story called ‘The Rich Man and The Needle’ which explored the value of generosity. 

It was lovely to celebrate our "Stars" today with families.



The Haven

Monday saw the official grand opening of our amazing outdoor learning area - The Haven. During the day all children had chance to toast a marshmallow in the fire pit. Many thanks to Mr Freeman and Mr Mills for helping with this. 

After school it was amazing to see so many parents attend the ribbon cutting. Well done to Moon, Catherine, Emmie and Zeb, who provided music for the gathering guests. Karl Curtis from Warwickshire Wildlife trust joined us and was really impressed with the project and talked about the importance of wildlife and wild spaces for our children. Reverend Pat kindly said a prayer and blessed the Haven. The trustees who have funded the project also attended, along with Mr Dewes and many of our school governors; They were really pleased to see the project complete and area in use. The Forest School club, led by Onside coaching, did a fantastic job of demonstrating activities that can take place there. Mr Bacon, from Timotay, also attended and was delighted to see one of his companies projects being put to good use. 

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank The Dunchurch Boughton Trust for funding the project and to Liane Kavanagh for her continued support with design and up keep. Finally thank you to the many parents who have donated a plant - these will be kept watered over the summer and planted in September. If you would still like to donate a plant, please drop it into the school office.



Year 5

This week Year 5 have had yet another busy week! 

On Monday, we roasted marshmallows for the opening of the Haven, and were so proud to see three of our Year 5's represent the school so amazingly by playing music as people entered - Well done to those who took part!

In maths this week we have begun learning about negative numbers and the children have been really intrigued about the new knowledge and skills they have been practicing. We have also been working really hard on explaining how we have solve maths problems and finding proof. 

In English we are working towards writing a newspaper report, and have enjoyed recapping the features of a newspaper report. We are really enjoying our new text, The Nowhere Emporium - why don't you ask us about it.

We have also shown great perseverance creating our Monet inspired backgrounds for our printing which we have done at the end of this week - we can't wait to show you when we bring them home next week!

-Miss Finch and Miss Oxborough



Year 6

Post SATs, the hard work continues in Year 6 and it feels like it has been an action packed couple of weeks.

Last week, both Year Six classes completed their highly anticipated Design and Technology unit of work on biscuits. For this project, children came together in teams to form a business. As a business, they undertook market research whereby they evaluated (and of course taste tested) different biscuits before designing and producing a delicious batch of biscuits, which were then sold in school. This has resulted in the children making a huge profit of £104 which is going to be donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind-as voted for by year group. We are sure you will agree that this is a fantastic reflection of their hard work and entrepreneurial skills. From researching ingredients to calculating profits and selling points, the children have impressed their teachers with their attitude - they didn't crumble under the pressure!

Last Thursday, we were fortunate to have the author Vashti Hardy visit and it was great to hear a published author’s perspective on writing books. The children listened to excerpts of Vashti’s latest book and asked some fantastic questions. We hope that the visit has not only inspired children to pick up a book but that children also feel encouraged to write their own stories too.



We ended last week by attending Alive 2023! The concert had a festival vibe and it was brilliant to see children (and parents too!) having a great time.

This week sees Year Six pushing ahead with another DT project: slippers. The children have been busy researching the world of comfy footwear and looking at slipper designs, before designing their own ready for making next week. Please speak with your child about their design; if you can send in any material to help your child produce them, we appreciate it (we have some material at school too).

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Cooper, Mrs McMahon and Mr Coppillie


Week commencing 12th June

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

What a scorcher we have experienced this week!

That being said, the children (and adults) have coped extremely well, and continued to work hard despite the increased temperature.

As always, there has been a great deal going on. We’ve ended the week with some year groups attending the Praise Party at Stoneleigh, Bikeability, biscuit projects in Year 6, author visits at the junior school, and a range of outdoor opportunities too.

Next week and the week after, we will be finalising class teachers and plans for September and will share these on Friday 30th June, ready for transition day. The exception to this will be the new to reception children, who will have a meeting with our Early Years lead on Wednesday 21st.

Upcoming events include the extra transition for Year 2 to 3, Dunchurch Fete on Sunday 25th and some other specific school-based activities. Please check the dates section in each newsletter for further details.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.

Mr Andrews


Assembly and Worship

We ended our week with our Year 6 children attending the Praise Party at Stoneleigh. It was great day full of singing and fun. As one child said in Year 3 "I am telling my parents I have been to my first pop concert!"

We have continued with our Respect theme and yesterday we heard the story of The Roman Centurion and Jesus. Jesus recognises the respect that the Centurion has both for him and for his servant, who is very sick. The children enjoyed joining in with the shout outs needed to bring the story alive.


Year 3

It has been a good start back into the summer term for Year 3. The children have been very busy with our science investigation about what plants need. We have learnt a lot about how plants reproduce and disperse seeds with some great questioning, predicting and suggestions about results. Children have been really enjoying this topic and have done some good work on recording the processes. This has also been the case in our new science topic on rocks and soils. We have looked at the properties of rocks and next we will look at soil, with a great activity planned next week,  to make ‘edible soil’.

In English we have continued to read and answer comprehension questions and started learning about paragraphing and looking at different ways to vary sentences. We have also been learning how to make efficient short notes of key ideas about hedgehogs. Unfortunately, the visit from the Barnacle Hedgehog centre could not happen this week due to ill health of the visitor. We are rearranging the visit for later in the month, hopefully. Children can still donate hedgehog friendly food and the £1 donation. Our next piece of writing will be a non-chronological report on hedgehogs. We will soon start the book Hodegheg. We will be doing our first assessment, at the end of next week, with the reading test on Friday

Our maths topic is still time and we have been learning about how to tell the time in smaller intervals and about calculating durations of time. Our next maths topic will be shape.

We will have been to the Praise Party at Stoneleigh by the end of this week, so more news and pictures on that next time. Thank you very much to those parents and other adults who came to help us.

Our PE and games units are on ball skills; fielding and catching and rounders.

Thank you for your continued support in reading with your children regularly and completing maths homework questions for 30 minutes.

It has been so rewarding to see the maturity that Year 3 children have developed, in the way they can work more independently, support each other and ask relevant and interesting questions. It is lovely to see the classes bonding together and being kind and friendly, genuinely reflecting our school values. They have mostly been coping with the hot weather with perseverance and good nature! Well done for the extra effort to keep on going!

We will be doing more assessments in the week beginning after the teacher training day (26th June) and we have the Rugby School Festival on the Green during that week (29th June).

We are very pleased to welcome Fred to the 3HC class.

- Mrs Buckley, Mrs Coupe and Mrs Hayward


Year 4

Over the last couple of weeks we have been enjoying our art unit about Georgia O'Keeffe and the flowers she painted, so we've focused on 'taking time to look' as she herself told people to. Our final pieces, which we're really proud of, are now complete, and will be on display as part of 'Art in Dunchurch' so do go along and take a look - see the poster in this newsletter for details. As you can see from these examples, the children have really used their skills of observation, colour mixing and using paint as well as pastels to create vibrant and creative pieces.

In other news, they have also taken the multiplication tables check which they've been working on so hard all year, along with all Year 4s across the country. They all approached this maturely, doing their best with a positive attitude. Thank you to parents for the work you've put in with this at home too - it will continue to help them with their learning in so many areas of maths, including written calculations and fractions.


In RE last week we dressed up as disciples in order to help us empathise with their changing emotions between Easter and Pentecost, as you can see. This week we moved on to thinking about the meaning behind some symbols which we could use to represent the events of Pentecost.

Finally, our writing this week has involved more empathy, this time in imagining the character of a pig, though not any old pig but Babe, a sheep-pig! We've been using our skills to create quality sentences which include adverbial phrases, subordinate conjunctions and accurate punctuation - a tall order for 8-9 year olds, but they have persevered well, despite the heatwave - very impressive!

We wish you all an enjoyable weekend,

Mrs Keffler, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Fairbrother and Mrs Gooch 


Year 5 and 6 Author Visitor

On Thursday, Year 5 and 6 had the pleasure of an author visit from Vashti Hardy the author of The Brightstorm Chronicles. The children were captivated by the story she read. They then listened very carefully to her explanations of how to improve their own writing to capture the same sense of awe and adventure that her books do and came away with inspiration to write their own fantasy-based stories. The children also asked some brilliant questions too about what inspires Vashti Hardy when she writes and were also keen to suggest scenarios or settings that she could use in her next book!

Week commencing 5th June 

A message from Mr Andrews

Dear families,

We hope that you have all enjoyed the half term break. It has been lovely to see the children return with a positive mind-set and purpose.

This half term is a busy one. We continue to support the Year 6 pupils in preparing for secondary school transition. There’s a lot to look forward to with residentials and leavers performances/disco, but also finding the balance for supporting them with the emotional changes that are happening.

We are also busily preparing for September’s transitions for all other year groups, and have activities planned, including the national transition day on 5th July. School leaders and I will be meeting to plan year group teams and pupils/families will be informed of their new teacher on the 30th June, in preparation for transition.

Staff wise, we wish to share that Miss Finch, our Year 5 teacher, will be leaving us at the end of the year. She has been successfully appointed as Assistant Headteacher at  another local primary school, leading on inclusion. We would like to thank Miss Finch for her hard work and commitment at school and the impact she has had on her class and the wider school community. We know she will be fantastic in her new role. As such, we are currently recruiting a new teacher and will share news in due course.

Further updates around staffing, including my role and Mrs Jenks’ maternity cover, will be shared in due course.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

-Mr Andrews


Assembly and Worship

This week in assembly we have started our new Roots and Fruits unit on  Respect. We learnt about some famous quotes linked to Respect. One of these quotes was "Respect people's feelings. Even if it doesn't mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them." J. Johnson

We are looking forward to our children in Year 3 and Year 6 attending the Coventry and Warwickshire Diocese Praise Party next Friday.



Year 5

This week 5O had another forest schools session. The children took part in den building where they showed fantastic creativity and teamwork. We are sure 5F will enjoy their session on Monday and show fantastic skills too.  

In English this week we have been focusing on poetry. The children read the poem ‘The Sea’ by James Reeves and learnt about the features you may find in a poem and what makes a poem effective. The children have applied their learning to plan and write their own poem based on the journey of a river. We have really enjoyed reading the poems the children have created.   

In Maths, we have been working on decimals and have learnt about decimal complements to 1 and adding and subtracting decimals. The children have applied their knowledge of place value and column addition and subtraction to be successful.  

We have also been continuing with our art unit ‘Monet’ where we have created our flower designs which will be used in our final piece and the children have had a go at block printing.  

Before half term we had our visit to Rugby Free Secondary School where 5F had an art lesson and 5O had a cookery lesson where they made pitta pizzas (they smelt and looked delicious!).

Both classes also played Rounders which was a lot of fun and the children showed lots of resilience and perseverance as they learnt the rules! We were very proud of the children for their behaviour and engagement. 

-Miss Oxborough and Miss Finch  


Year 6

It's an exciting time for Year 6 as they enter their final half term of Primary Education! We started the week with an exciting and yummy biscuit tasting morning, before conducting some market research and gathering data on people's favourite biscuits (Oreos seemed a clear winner!). Both classes are going to design and make their own biscuits - we're eager to see (and taste) the results!

School will provide butter, flour and sugar and a few other essential ingredients therefore the children will only need to bring a couple of ingredients. Each child will be bringing home a list of required ingredients and will need an airtight container in which to transport their finished product:

14th June - please can 6CM children bring in their ingredients and containers.

15th  June - please can 6C children bring in their ingredients and containers.

We have been, and will continue to be, visited by various secondary school staff eager to meet their new pupils; the children have made a good first impression with their excellent behaviour.

Class and year group photos have also taken place, so watch out for these.

The week commencing 19th June will be when Year 6 start their next project which will involve them designing and making slippers. We would be grateful for any donations of fabric or material that could help us produce these.

Have a great weekend,

-Mrs Cooper, Mrs McMahon and Mr Coppillie 


Times Tables Rock Stars

Well done to 4A, 4K, 3HC and 3B for winning their Battle of the bands over half term. 

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to recognise the class with the greatest level of participation. The winning class will be awarded the TTRS trophy in celebration assembly and  individual certificates will be awarded to recognise children’s efforts.

Happy practising!