Dunchurch Boughton CofE Junior Academy

Ask Seek Knock - Matthew 7.7

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School Values

As a Church of England school we work closely with our local diocese, Coventry, and our local church, St. Peter's to develop a vision for education that is both influenced by the Christian faith and welcoming of those of any faith or none.


Our Christian vision for the school

Our Christian Vision for the school is taken from the Bible verse in Matthew 7:7: Ask, Seek, Knock 

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." 


We have chosen this verse in the Bible, because we think it represents our thinking in school; to be open to ideas: to know that we can ask for and expect help. It speaks of opportunity for all and the idea of "opening doors" resonates with Christians and non-Christian alike. 



In addition to our school vision, our school values, taken from the Bible, help to shape and guide us each day. Our 7 values are:

Forgiveness... Honesty... Kindness... Patience... Peace... Generosity... Thankfulness 


Our vision for our federation

With the verse from Matthew in mind, we hope to achieve the following aims that have been adopted from by our Federation

  • Being a single educational community, with clear values and aspirations that inspire each child to reach their full potential
  • Having an educational community in which everyone feels loved, respected and valued
  • Delivering an enriching curriculum, through which all children engage in and enjoy learning 


Too often vision statements are superficial.  Much time is spent forming them, but less energy is spent on ensuring the vision is met.  Below are examples of how we vision inspires our actions.


Being a single educational community - Since the two schools in Dunchurch became federated we have worked to bring the work of the two schools into alignment with one another.  The curriculum has been redesigned with progression maps in every subject ensuring that no content is repeated or missed out.  Handwriting and maths calculation policies have been revised meaning that children progressing from the Infants to the Juniors do not have to learn a new way of writing the letter 'f' or a new method for multiplication.  Staff have benefited from a broader range of professional development and the opportunity to work different aged children.


An educational community in which everyone feels loved, respected and valued - We have been inspired by the cycle of grace concept.  Although a theological concept, the principles - that we begin with acceptance of people for who they are and this will ultimately help them to succeed - is equally applicable those who are not Christians.  We feel that relationships with our staff and pupil which begin with acceptance, not achievement, is a useful counterweight to some of the performance measures which school are understandably judged by.   


An enriching curriculum - We have taken the high standards we have in English and maths and broadened the focus to include the whole curriculum.  An extensive consultation with parents, pupils and staff led to a redesigned curriculum offer.  We have improved our facilities so we can offer a broader curriculum.  This includes, new IT hardware, the installation of cooking facilities in one classroom and the completion of a fantastic outdoor learning area for children from nursery to year six.


The three strands of the Federation's vision have been chosen to help us to achieve our desire to "open doors" for the members of the school community.