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Our vision for science is for our children to… 

  • to develop a curiosity about the world and for them to be taught how to investigate the world through scientific enquiry. 
  • develop scientific skills as well as having a breadth of scientific knowledge and associated vocabulary
  • be able to make careful observations and measurements; drawing informed conclusions with increasing accuracy. 


Science is an introduction to the world of living things, materials and energy. It is a largely practical subject that develops a spirit of enquiry and the opportunity to interpret the world through personal experience.


Knowledge is acquired by observation, prediction, investigation, recording and analysing data.

At Dunchurch Boughton Junior School we aim to provide an enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere in which our children can develop knowledge and skills that further the acquisition of a scientific method of investigation. Working with others, overcoming problems, asking questions and gaining first-hand experience, will encourage this.


Science Units taught by year group. 

Please click on the topic to see the Knowledge Organiser. This will give you information about the knowledge and skills that the children will be learning. It will also give you information on the vocabulary taught and how this unit links with prior learning.

During their lessons the children will be encouraged to develop their skills to: -

  • ask questions, predict and form hypotheses;
  • observe, measure and manipulate variables;
  • interpret results and evaluate scientific evidence.
  • make observations over time
  • seek patterns
  • classify and group
  • research


Our school is well resourced with practical equipment, and access to software and websites to enhance learning.


We are extremely lucky to have exciting and stimulating surroundings that include â€‹raised vegetable beds and our new wildlife area, The Haven, with an orchard and pond. Year 4 are currently undertaking a project with the RSPB to further encourage biodiversity and engage the children with nature - these developments will be extended across all year groups over the next year. The children are encouraged to investigate their environment, so that first-hand experiences provide starting points for their work.

 All staff comply with the School’s Health and Safety Policy. The safe use of equipment is promoted at all times.